Scott Wolter

Returning to the show this week is Scott Wolter. While probably most widely known for hosting the late A&E networks H2 television show America Unearthed Scott also holds great notoriety as a forensic geologist, being the president of Minnesota-based American Petrographic Services, and developing an entirely new field of science called archaeopetrography. Archaeopetrography is a scientific based process in which mysterious stones, artifacts, and locations are dated and studied so as to better understand their origins and meanings. Scott joins Jim this week to discuss his most recent source of intrigue, The Newport Tower in Newport Rhode Island.

The Newport Tower is nestled on top of a hill in Touro Park, located in a historical residential neighborhood, on a small plot of land that was purchased by the city of Newport from the generosity of Judah Touro (who donated 10,000 dollars to the city to purchase the land in 1854 so as to not have any development occur in that location). Rather unassuming in appearance, the Tower is the centerpiece to several high profile debates and Scott is square in the middle of it with his own expert opinions.

One of the main arguments that is making the circuit in regards to The Tower is the age and actual architect of The Tower. While there are many good speculative guesses at the actual age, the only one for certain is that the tower is old. One of the first written mentions of The Tower can be found in 1677 in the will of Benedict Arnold where he mentions “….my stone built wind mill”. Some theorize that the architecture matches that of Norse buildings and that it was a church built between the 11th and 14th centuries. Another theory for The Tower is that it was built as a signal outpost for Chinese junks of the Zheng He era in 1421. There is little supporting evidence for this theory, but it is not completely disputed.

Now where does Scott come into play with these? Scott’s theory is one of the upcoming ones and is one of the most highly disputed. Scott along with writer Andrew Sinclair have put forth the hypothesis that the Newport Tower was built by medieval Scottish Templars led by Scottish earl Henry Sinclair as part of an alleged voyage to New England approximately one hundred years prior to Columbus setting sail. This theory is vigorously disputed and Scott states that this is what causes him to believe the theory even more. There are many other possible ideas out there to the origin of The Tower and its builder and more continue to pop up.

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John Trudel

John Trudel has led an interesting life to say the least. From graduating in an elite level of electronic engineering and research, chasing an elusive doctoral degree, to bouncing around in the back of an airplane in the height of the Vietnam War testing new electronic intelligence and weapons systems in varying Special Operations missions as a civilian. John has found himself as an advisor to the Secretary of Defense, the developer of the first automobile radar detector (a personal huge “Thank You” for that one!), and as a consultant for a number of large, world-wide tech firms. John’s latest endeavors however is one of his favorites; writing.

This week on The Malliard Report John is the featured guest and joins Jim in discussion about the current unrestful state of information security, the growing collection of novels that he has written and one of the most unusual declassified CIA programs to date.

Operation Stargate. No not the movie from 1994 with Kurt Russel and James Spader (while a bit dated, is still actually a halfway decent movie) but rather a classified program ran by the CIA in 1970s through the 1990s in an attempt to use remote viewing to gather intelligence and influence Russian operations. .

Originally falling under a handful of different names (Project Gondola Wish, Grill Flame, Center Lane, Sun Streak, and Scanate) the projects eventually merged together under the Stargate moniker. With a purpose “To provide an overview on remote viewing focusing on definitions, operations, management, participation, benefits, primary and secondary methodologies, categories of taskings, types of targets, and operational methodology” the program studied many different elements to remote viewing. One of the most astounding take aways from this program is that within the actual documents themselves, from the CIA website archives, it states that remote viewing is “ accessing information without the use of: The normal five senses, Information from other people, Logical deductions, Direct connective implementation of electronic or other devices.” Remote viewing is also declared as “A talent which is inherent to every human to some degree. Probably a vestigial form of self-preservation. Largely ignored in today’s societal setting. Through proper training, can be developed to a person’s individual potential”.

The program allegedly ended in 1995 with the results stating that remote viewing should not be used as a “stand alone source” for information but “Remote Viewers can be used as Collectors in Conjunction with other Intelligence Sources Throughout the DoD Intelligence Community [sic].” Pretty crazy huh?

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Nick Redfern

June 10, 2009, a creepy pasta thread found within the Something Awful forum bore witness to the birth of a modern day mythological monster. Described as unnaturally tall, thin, sporting a black suit and tie, and having a white featureless face, the tentacle sprouting Slender Man has terrorized horror fans for nearly a decade through many different mediums. Unlike many other fictional fan favorites, the line between reality and make-believe seems to have been greatly blurred and getting worse as time goes on. This week on The Malliard Report, Jim welcomes back distinguished guest Nick Redfern to the show to discuss whether or not this is simply digital folklore that has gotten out of control, or the possibility of this having become an actual tulpa set loose into our world.
Seeing as how the Slender Man’s backstory has no real “official” canon, his appearance, abilities, habits, motives, etc. change dependent on who is telling the story. The common imagery with Slender Man is that of a very large gaunt figure with no face stalking through the woods. He wears a black suit and tie, and is said to have (again varies from story to story) multiple tentacle like arms sprouting from his back. It is often claimed that being within close proximity of the Slender Man can induce “Slender Sickness” which is described as “rapid onset paranoia, nightmares and delusions, often accompanied with severe nosebleeds” in addition to interfering with audio and video equipment. Motives of the Slender Man have been shown to target children and young adults as its “prey.”
The Slender Man was originally created in a Something Awful thread as a Photoshop contest where users were challenged to take every-day photos and make them appear paranormal. Under the username “Victor Surge”, Eric Knudsen submitted a handful of pictures with a tall, thin, spectral figure, wearing a black suit with bits of text added to resemble tellings from individuals that may have found themselves within the presence of that being. The quotes that Eric added to the photos read:
“We didn’t want to go, we didn’t want to kill them, but its persistent silence and outstretched arms horrified and comforted us at the same time… — 1983, Photographer Unknown, presumed dead”
“One of two recovered photographs from the Stirling City Library blaze. Notable for being taken the day which fourteen children vanished and for what is referred to as “The Slender Man”. Deformities cited as film defects by officials. Fire at library occurred one week later. Actual photograph confiscated as evidence. – 1986, Photographer: Mary Thomas, missing since June 13, 1986”.
These images accompanied by the subsequent text instantly shot the story into internet lore status and generated a flurry of follow on content. Today you can now find video games, a series of web shorts, and countless other stories however, unfortunately like many other things people have taken this fictional (maybe?) idea and gone too far.
May 31, 2014 in Waukesha, Wisconsin 12 year-olds Anissa Weier and Morgan Geyser lured friend Payton Leutner into the woods near their home where they stabbed Leutner 19 times as a sacrifice to appease the Slender Man. Leutner miraculously survived the ordeal and was able to drag herself to a nearby road where she was discovered by a passing cyclist. Weier and Geyser were soon picked up by local police walking down the interstate carrying the knife they had used to stab Leutner. Leutner recovered and returned to school the following year while Weier and Geyser were both committed to state mental institutions in 2017 for extended periods of time. (Weier 25 years, and Geyser 40 years)
Jim and Nick also discuss the possibility of the Slender Man becoming a tulpa, the power of combined consciousness, and much more. It is always a privilege to have Nick on the show. You can find all of Nick’s books through Amazon and many other online retailers and you can keep up with all of his latest on www.

Karen Rontowski

“I only wear underwear with little pictures of Santa Claus on them, because then not matter what mood I’m in, it’s always Christmas…in my pants.” This week on The Malliard Report, Jim features a Tarot reader, ghost hunter, and a standup comedienne which happen to be all the same person; the talented and very funny Karen Rontowski.

Originally from Pittsfield Massachusetts, Karen has been a full time comedienne for almost twenty years. Deciding to pursue her dream and follow in the footsteps of her inspiration Gracie Allen, Karen left the northeast and soon found herself in Las Vegas. After her stint in Vegas Karen continued her westward journey and eventually wound up in San Diego California where she became a regular at the Comedy Store and The Improv. Karen today continues to see success in her comedy career and has been featured on shows such as The Tonight Show with David Letterman, and has rubbed elbows with some of the biggest names in the industry (Jay Leno, Sinbad, and many others).

As a described “elegant hippie” (according to a Cosmo quiz she took) she aspires to live up to her Bohemian moniker. Not only has she found great success within the entertainment world, Karen is also an established paranormal investigator and tarot reader. Karen shares that one of her favorite parts of touring on the comedy circuit is her ability to visit many different paranormal locations for investigations. Karen also discusses that even as common place as paranormal material is today, people still seem unsure and uneasy when it comes to discussing. Even in a comedic sense, she has learned that are boundaries still to what people are okay with, and what they consider “too dark” when it comes to paranormal.

Karen is a very funny individual and this is a great episode. Karen shares what drives her as a performer, what got her into Tarot readings, some of her favorite places to investigate, and her soon to launch podcast.  You can keep up with her very busy tour schedule, schedule a Tarot reading with her, or just connect with her in general through her website at or through social media @rontowski . For all things Malliard head over to or connect via Twitter @Malliard.

Malcolm LaVergne

With a case that is as synonymous to the 90s as much Rollerblades, Grunge, and Friends, the O.J. Simpson trial dominated the news and for weeks on end. Following the controversial acquittal and what seemed like a never ending barrage of late night comedy punch lines, O.J. eventually faded out of the not so wanted limelight, left to live a quasi-normal life. Such was the case until 2007 when again he found himself in unfavorable circumstances staring down felony charges of criminal conspiracy, kidnapping, assault, robbery, and use of a deadly weapon. In December of 2008 Simpson was charged on all counts and was sentenced to thirty three years in prison with the possibility of parole after nine served. In July of 2017 Simpson was granted parole and was later released in October 2017 having served the nine mandated years.

So while this 90s nostalgia trip and brief bio on The Juice may seem irrelevant it actually is the cornerstone to this week’s guest on the Malliard Report. This week Jim welcomes Malcolm LaVergne to the show. A high energy, Ivy League educated, Las Vegas based attorney who happens to be the personal lawyer for both O.J. Simpson and Floyd Mayweather. Having an incredibly diverse background (ranging from construction worker, ambulance driver, and even firefighter) Malcolm eventually found himself heading down the path of a legal work and graduated from Cornell Law School in 2000. Opening his own practice in 2005, Malcolm maintains a very successful firm based out of Nevada.

So join us on this great episode when Jim and Malcom discuss Malcom’s more notable clients, Malcom’s love for astronomy and astrophysics, the history of the universe, the highway that leads directly to Area 51, and much more. For more information on Malcom (or if you are in need of a good lawyer in the states of Nevada, Texas, or New York) head over to or you can reach out to him via Twitter @SinCityAttorney. For all things Malliard you can head over to Twitter @Malliard but be sure to sign up for the upcoming Newsletter at . This will be a new and exciting element for The Malliard Report so spread the word.

Nancy Byrne

This week on The Malliard Report Jim welcomes one of the most caring and genuine guests to date. Often pushed far outside of her comfort zone, and lead by her incredibly passionate nature, Nancy Byrne is medium driven by her fondness to help and empower others.
With a deeply rooted respect for all life, Nancy finds her drive in empowering others. Not only is this prevalent in the way that she conducts her readings with her clients, but her life’s work reflects this exact same ideology. With both an Undergraduate and Graduate degree in psychology, working in adolescent psychiatric hospitals, was an executive director the Rape Crisis Center’s Women in Need of Support Groups Program, Director of the Victim Services Unit for the Denver Police Department, and worked as a counselor at multiple shelters focusing on “at risk” youth and has taught at the University level. Stating that it is her “soul’s desire to ‘give back’ to the Universe and to serve by assisting others in their life’s journey” it is apparent that Nancy thrives on not her own selfish ambition (which is often seen within the realms of mediumships especially…”keep coming back to me for another session at 150 bucks an hour week after week and you’ll be fixed!”) but rather that of seeing those around her rise to their fullest potential.
So go ahead and jump into this episode as Nancy shares some incredible stories about how Spirit intervenes with her journey, the fears she has had to overcome, the unexpected turn of events leading her to write a book, and much more. To follow Nancy’s latest or to schedule a reading you can visit her website and you can find her book on Amazon here: . For all things Malliard head over to or follow on Twitter @Malliard.

Lee Stranahan

Fake news. A phrase that was once tied to tabloidesque style super market papers has now become a common staple in today’s lexicon. Like many elements that unfortunately flood our daily routines, this has turned to a point to where we now just gloss over when we hear the term. Seeking to combat the ever failing reputation of media, the guest on this week’s episode of The Malliard Report has been a pioneer and trail blazer for the citizen journalist movement that is quickly gaining hold in this seemingly turbulent time.

This week Jim welcomes to the show Lee Stranahan. Lee is an American journalist, talk show host, and advocate for citizen journalism. Hosting a show on the Russian owned Sputnik new agency, Stranahan was originally picked up by the network after being let go by Breitbart for covering the controversies surrounding the Chobani yogurt company and their usage of Syrian refugee workers harboring tuberculosis and numerous sexual assault cases.

Originally moving to Los Angeles to work as a television producer and graphic artist, Lee made his way into reporting during the 2007/2008 writers guild strike. Having started out by making political parody videos on YouTube poking fun at prominent figures of the time (Mitt Money, Rudy Giuliani, etc.) he quickly gained interest and was soon picked up by the Huffington Post. While his edgy humor was the catalyst for his quick success, it was not looked upon as fondly by HuffPo and Lee soon found himself in the circle with Andrew Breitbart. After a handful of firings/rehirings and disputes over his stance on  the death of Alton Sterling, Lee parted ways with Breitbart and is now co-host of Fault Lines on Sputnik Radio.

The passion for citizen journalism is very evident within Lee and this is a really great episode. To keep up with all of Lee’s latest, head over to and of course get the most up to date Malliard at or via Twitter @Malliard. Make sure to share the work about The Malliard Report and do your part to help it grow.

Trip Elix

The threat of malware, viruses, spyware, worms, etc. is something that we have to deal with on a regular basis. We have to constantly upgrade our devices, and it seems just as we get them up to date another batch of maladies makes its way through. This week on The Malliard Report, Jim welcomes for the final show of 2017 Trip Elix to discuss computer exploitation, protecting yourself, and finally explaining what the actual difference between a virus, malware, worms, and spywares really is.

Trip Elix a former hacker turned author and personal advocate has started the campaign to help people keep their information out of the distributing hands of the large data mining companies. Trip goes into detail about which companies are the biggest culprits of harvesting your information, how they acquire it, and to whom they distribute the information. It is very disturbing to say the least.

Malware, virus, spyware all seem to be words that are used interchangeably on a regular basis however, the three are all very different from each other. Trip does a good job explaining what these differences actually are. First there is Malware. Malware is a generic term used for malicious software. This could encompass any virus, worm, spyware, type program designed to cause harm to your PC. A virus is a program that continues to copy itself and spreads from one file to another, then eventually from computer to computer once those files are shared. Virus are often found on executable files and only serve one purpose: to cause problems and break things…sounds like some people I know. Spyware is any software that is installed on your PC that collects and sends information to the creator of that program. This could be anything from logging passwords, search histories, credit card numbers, etc. Ironically we shun this when people use it for a “nefarious” purpose, but when large companies do this exact thing, everything is just fine. Much like viruses, worms cause havoc and destruction however worms move across networks and are able to reach larger targets than a particular virus.

Trip also provides great information on ways to protect yourself form a number of these threats, how to maintain a low online profile, and much more, but still barely scratches the surface of the tip of the iceberg. You find all of his information on his websites and or follow him on Twitter @trip_elix Of course you can find all things Malliard at and Twitter @Malliard. Follow and share the show!


James Walter McIver

Leviathan, Behemoth, and Ziz oh my! This week on The Malliard Report Jim welcomes a guest that dives into a realm in which many may not know about, but certainly makes impact on the world around us. Spiritual warrior and Seventh Day Adventist, James Walter McIver brings his insight to spiritual warfare, demonic and angelic beings, and the possibility of ancient biblical monsters still lurking within our midst.

James refers to three large beasts that are mentioned within biblical texts that many may be unfamiliar with, or simply skimmed over because they seemed oddly out of context. Such is the first monster mentioned and that is the Leviathan. Found with the Christian scriptures (Job 3:8/Job 41:1/ Psalms 104:26 and Isaiah 27:1) it is described as “…a derivation from the root לוהlvh to twine; to join”, with an adjectival suffix with a literal meaning of “wreathed, twisted in folds”. Both the name and the mythological figure are a direct continuation of the Ugaritic sea monster Lôtān, one of the servants of the sea god Yammu defeated by Hadad in the Baal Cycle. The Ugaritic account has gaps, making it unclear whether some phrases describe him or other monsters at Yammu’s disposal such as Tunannu (the Biblical Tannin). Most scholars agree on describing Lôtān as “the fugitive serpent” (bṯn brḥ) but he may or may not be “the wriggling serpent” (bṯn ʿqltn) or “the mighty one with seven heads” (šlyṭ d.šbʿt rašm) His role seems to have been prefigured by the earlier serpent Têmtum whose death at the hands Hadad is depicted in Syrian seals of the 18th–16th century BCE Sea serpents feature prominently in the mythology of the Ancient Near East. They are attested by the 3rd millennium BCE in Sumerian iconography depicting the god Ninurtaovercoming a seven-headed serpent. It was common for Near Eastern religions to include a Chaoskampf: a cosmic battle between a sea monster representing the forces of chaos and a creator god or culture hero who imposes order by force. The Babylonian creation myth describes Marduk’s defeat of the serpent goddess Tiamat, whose body was used to create the heavens and the earth.”

The second creature (and one of the more interesting sounding ones) is Ziz. Found in 2nd Chronicles 20:16, the Ziz is describes as “…as Leviathan is the king of fishes, so the Ziz is appointed to rule over the birds. His name comes from the variety of tastes his flesh has; it tastes like this, zeh, and like that, zeh. The Ziz is as monstrous of size as Leviathan himself. His ankles rest on the earth, and his head reaches to the very sky. It once happened that travelers on a vessel noticed a bird. As he stood in the water, it merely covered his feet, and his head knocked against the sky. The onlookers thought the water could not have any depth at that point, and they prepared to take a bath there. A heavenly voice warned them: “Alight not here! Once a carpenter’s axe slipped from his hand at this spot, and it took it seven years to touch bottom.” The bird the travelers saw was none other than the Ziz. His wings are so huge that unfurled they darken the sun. They protect the earth against the storms of the south; without their aid the earth would not be able to resist the winds blowing thence. Once an egg of the Ziz fell to the ground and broke. The fluid from it flooded sixty cities, and the shock crushed three hundred cedars. Fortunately such accidents do not occur frequently. As a rule the bird lets her eggs slide gently into her nest. This one mishap was because the egg was rotten, and the bird cast it away carelessly.”

The last of the creatures is that of the Behemoth. A term that we often use to associate with something of large scale fittingly enough is a creature of similar stature. Found in Job 40:15. Biblical description of the beasts reads: “…Behold, Behemoth, which I made as I made you; he eats grass like an ox Behold, his strength in his loins and his power in the muscles of his belly.